of “Montessori Center”

“Montessori Center” is actively developing four areas of study:

Paintings, drawings and decorative arts. In art school “Montessori Center” are lessons in painting, drawing, arts and crafts and modeling. Students of all these trends each month take part in the contest of children’s drawings “ChildOpenArt” the winners of which receive as a gift a solo exhibition in online gallery, and other prizes.

Choreography. In the studio, choreography classes are held in two directions – classical dance and modern dance. Several times a year the studio students participate in the Festival of Choreography “Petit-Pas Fest”.

English language school “Montessori English School” runs English lessons for adults and children in groups and individually. Our teachers in the classroom use of modern media technology, popular and latest tutorials and techniques.

Music.The music school “Montessori Center” you will learn to play musical instruments as well as vocals. Students who have gained initial skills are combined in vocal and instrumental ensembles, and on a weekly basis will be able to participate in school concerts. And the most successful students will take part in the Ukrainian musical competition “The Voice Kraina”.

You will be very convenient to attend classes in a complex in any of our schools in several directions at once. We will make you a convenient schedule for your entire family. In addition, you do not need to spend time and effort to visit different schools and studios in Kiev.

Come to study at the “Montessori Center”!

Service list

Additional services

  • Saxophone rent – 50 UAH per hour.
  • Shooting videoclips – from 4000 UAH.
  • Audio recording in the recording studio – from 700 UAH.
  • Photo sessions with children and families – from 700 UAH.