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Курилович Александра

Занимаемся в школе рисования всего 4 месяца, но благодаря преподавателям ребенок быстро раскрыл свой потенциал. Даже мы, родители, были приятно удивлены картинами, которые теперь выходят из под кисти дочери.

Nadezhda Dubyaha

Thank you very much the whole team, "Montessori Center" for inspiration, dedication and love of art, and especially my teacher Lubomyr, the administrator Olga, Director of Anna and piano teacher of the specialty by Helen tireless work and respect for all students 2 to 102 🙂

Nadezhda Dubyaha


If we express the adult opinion - Montessori is, above all, the special atmosphere of creativity - noncanonical, unregulated thousands of rules and regulations, where the main thing is not to set the bar, and help uncover the ability to find talent, find opportunities, increase self-esteem, help to understand its uniqueness without comparing and not in opposition to others.
This is the place where business is done without showing a Herculean effort, and easily and with love! Thank you very much!!!

Elena, mother Vetvitsky Masha and Alena

Catherine Panchuk

Grateful Marinchuk Nastya - a great teacher and a wonderful woman! Lessons are held positive and effectively.
Nastya, thanks!

Catherine Panchuk

Mom Kobel Nastya

For the second year we go to the vocals in the Montessori Center, a daughter is very happy. She is looking forward to each lesson, he loves his teacher Anna. I, as a mother, is glad that her daughter happy. The staff is very courteous.

Mom Kobel Nastya

Lyudmila Kvasha

Very grateful to Diana, vocal teacher. We are satisfied with the methodology of studies and results. Diana is a very good contact with the child. Thank you Diane and school "Montessori Center"!

Alena and her mother Lyudmila Kvasha

Alina Melnyk

We go to school 2nd year. Very pleased. We went on painting, music, singing today. Very helpful staff. Always optimally selected time and take into account the wishes of customers. All the teachers are able to work with children and find them approach. We like to walk so we continue. I'm like my mother very happy.

Alina Melnyk (Darynas mother, 6 years)

Sеmеn Matsenskyy

Thanks a lot for Montessori Centre for teaching so big dunderhead as mr, wonderful!For that's some part of salary spends not for party, but for personal develop.

Sеmеn Matsenskyy


A great thank Montessori Center, and in particular the wonderful teacher Valerie Taran, the great piano lessons - exciting, boring, educational! For the love and interest of the child to the music. A special thank you for the regular concerts that bring in the learning process elements of real life - make it possible to feel like a real artist, learn how to behave on stage to cope with excitement. Montessori Center wish further successful development of many successful students and talented teachers! Good luck in the new school year!

Julia, mother Aylyn Toutan (6 years)

Averkiev Alexsey

Thank you for the opportunity to teach a child to play the guitar. Son is pleased to each class. I wish you success and development of your school!

Sincerely Averkiev Alex, Dad Averkiev Ivan.

Andrey and Olesya Overchuk

We are the parents of Egor Overchuk. We are engaged in a Montessori school recently, but even that was enough time to realize that "amazing" school! We all really enjoyed it, and, therefore, we are leading our Egorka it! Thank you very much!
Put the ubiquitous "likes"!

Andrey and Olesya Overchuk

Lesenko Andrey

I'm glad I got to the Montessori school, because really wanted to learn to sing. Before Montessori School has been training experience in other places, and the result was not. After a few years ceased to believe in themselves - thought, like many, that the vocals - it's not mine.
Just a couple of months of training, I heard (in the truest sense of the word) RESULT! And what is necessary when a person works on himself, if not the result? And it is - the most important thing.
I would like to say that there is a pleasant working team in which there is a desire to come every day and work.
Thank you for that.

Lesenko Andrey

Parents of Svyatun Stas

We sincerely thank the school "Montessori" for the warmth and care with Cauterets teachers treat children. Our son, Stas, attends the drawing school for 3 years! This is the only "circle", which Stas visited with great pleasure and is ready to present at least every day. All other attempts to engage in other sections and "circles" caused him only sad emotions. Special thanks to Elena Stupak (teacher drawing Montessori School). Once again, thank you very much and wish the whole school team good luck and creative inspiration.

Parents of Svyatun Stas

Irina (Mother Mary Calabro)

We came to school "Montessori" on the recommendation of our friends, and have not regretted it. Thank you all very much! Especially Olesya Ivanovna - teacher of ballet, Anatoly - a teacher of guitar and Ana (drawing) for an individual approach to each child, and interesting lessons. My child loved it!

Yours faithfully, Irina (Mother Mary Calabro)

Litvinova Irina

Many thanks to "Montessori Center" for the opportunity to do what I wanted to do since childhood! Special thanks to the teacher Ilya Kalatseyu for their understanding, patience and nteresting guitar lessons.

Litvinova Irina

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