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Price List

of “Montessori Center”

In music schools, art schools and studios choreography “Montessori Center” can offer you:
  • Individual lessons.
  • Group lessons.
  • You can also book lessons at home.

All individual lessons in all areas of our schools have the same cost. Also, the same value have group lessons in all directions and, accordingly, the lessons provided at home.

The “Montessori Center” you can buy as a lesson and a subscription for any number of lessons. Our experience tells us that when visiting the “Montessori Center” once a week, you need to buy a subscription for four lessons. If you want to attend classes twice a week, you will need a subscription to 8 lessons.




of subscription cost

Select lessons type:
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Subscription cost:


  • Your subscription will not have the use of the term. All missed classes you can visit at any time convenient for you.
  • The lesson can be canceled without losing its value, if you inform us about the cancellation 24 hours in advance.
  • If you do not cancel in time lesson – we will wait and you will not be able to save your payment.

Special offers

  • The first (trial) individual lesson costs 135 uah, group lesson – 95 uah.
  • Individual lessons on weekdays from 9:00 to 14:00 cost 200 uah per lesson (subject to the purchase of a subscription for 4 or more lessons).
  • Bring a friend and get a 15% discount on your next subscription.
  • Buy annual subscriptions and save 4900 uah! The cost of one lesson in the annual subscription is 200 uah instead of 270 uah!
  • Buy a yoga subscription with a 50% discount – only until January 31, 2019 – any number of classes!
Discounts for annual subscriptions
bring a friend and get a discount
Certificate - the best gift!
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